The Look Of Lace By Hayley - 07.12.2017


Lace has long been an integral part of bridal wear, a classic, feminine and romantic fabric that is so versatile and timeless. Whether you opt for a full lace gown, delicate lace sleeves or a striking lace neckline there are so many options and beautiful ways to incorporate lace in your bridal look.

Striking Lace Gowns

You will be sure to wow your guests in a stunning full lace gown, the perfect choice for any season.

Agatha & Annabelle

Blenheim & Carendon

Courtney & Nigella

Paloma & Penelope

Savannah & Stowe

Glamis & Austria

Melbourne & Sunstone

Exquisite Lace Sleeves

Beautiful lace sleeves are the perfect addition to any bridal gown, the delicate lace adds a glamorous touch as well as being incredibly flattering.

Clara & Elvira

Vanda & Lourdes

Sweden & Athena

Sensational Lace Trains

A lace train is a striking addition to any bridal gown, if you're looking for the WOW factor a stunning lace illusion train is the perfect choice for your special day.

Celeste & Providence

Arlington & Los Angeles

Orlando & Vancouver

These are just a few of the stunning lace gowns in our collections, one thing is for sure we will never fall out of love with lace.

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