Sometimes over-planning can be a bad thing By James - 17.10.2016


So I’m driving down to the studio in Devon to do day 2 of the web shoot for Opulence, and thinking about the lifestyle shots. Had tried something the day before in the studio but was not happy with the results. Really wanted to do something outside but the weather has been so erratic this summer it has been hard to plan.

Feeling optimistic after seeing a potential break in the weather when I arrived in Devon, I phoned a friend of mine who I knew had a cute little wooden rowing boat and a small lake in their grounds, who lived about an hour away.

With dresses chosen and make up done the team drove off to the location. I had asked Sally who owns the company to get as many white flowers as possible to scatter in the boat.

Of course on the journey down the heavens opened and everybody’s optimism seem to disappear! I could hear Sally cursing me!

Fortunately when we arrived at the location we had that break in the weather and a great photo-shoot in the bag and no one got too wet!

Sometimes you just have to follow your gut feeling and be as flexible as possible.

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