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We're all familiar with the timeless wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Every bride I have ever met has followed the traditions to the letter, with family heirlooms, blue trinkets and priceless gifts being given.

But did you know that the original rhyme included “and a silver sixpence for your shoe”, all these years and we missed out the last line. The superstitious rhyme has been around for years and we all have treasured it when it came to our big day, hoping that these items will bring us luck in our marriage but what does it really mean?

Something Old


This item refers to the bride's bond with her family. Therefore 'something old' is usually a token offered by the bride's mother or grandmother. Family jewellery, a piece of lace, a handkerchief or a antique hairclip are all lovely tokens. This is probably my favourite token, as you are given something from your history and taking it forward into your new life.

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Something New


A wedding is all about being excited about the future and this token symbolises just that. The next chapter of life that begins on your wedding day, as well as the fact that the bride and groom are creating a new union. This is one of the easiest tokens to find, it can be anything from your dress, flowers or shoes to your wedding ring. We can tick that one off now!

Something Borrowed


This token is very interesting as it is based around a happily married woman lending the new bride something. By borrowing this item the bride is symbolically borrowing some happiness and good luck from the married woman. What a thoughtful gift to give a bride on her special day. Sometimes this token is given by a close married friend, as a reminder of their friendship on the bride's wedding day.

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Something Blue


Colours have always had symbolic meaning, you may of noticed this when you picked your wedding flowers or even when you chose your bridesmaids' dresses. Blue is the colour of faithfulness, purity and loyalty, which are all good things to have on your wedding day. In ancient times, couples would show this token by wearing a blue band on the border of their wedding outfits. In modern weddings it is usually more subtle as I don't think many brides would like to add a blue band to the hem of their dream wedding dress! You are more likely to glimpse blue on a garter, nail polish, a piece of jewellery or even on the bridal shoes.

Every Romantica gown has a blue rose sewn into the lining, as a symbol of Romantica quality and a helpful blue token to tick off your list. https://romanticaofdevon.co.uk/collections/romantica

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A Silver Sixpence For Your Shoe


Until recently I was not aware of this fifth token and I can't understand why....It has such a beautiful meaning, how could it of ever been forgotten. A silver sixpence would be placed in the bride's shoe by her father just before she walked down the aisle. This token was a symbol of the father's wish for love, prosperity and happiness in her marriage. This tradition has been harder to follow more recently because the sixpence was taken out of circulation but fear not, Royal Mint have released a limited edition vintage silver sixpence so you can follow the tradition.

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