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This month we have chosen Maleika – Brautboutique & Hochzeitsplanung as our Romantica stockist of the month. Find out more about them below.....

About You:


Store Name: Maleika – Brautboutique & Hochzeitsplanung

Contact Name: Steffi Kox

Store Address: Marktstraße 76, 47799 Krefeld | Germany

Store Telephone Number: +49 2151 1525511

Store Email Address: info@maleika-brautboutique.de

Why did you choose bridal?

I am working as a wedding planner since 7 years and it was always a dream to serve my brides the main parts for their wedding.

How did you get started in the bridal industry?

I started in 2011 as a wedding planner. Before, I worked as an event manager in a huge agency and more of my fellow students and friends asked me to organise their weddings. So to fund my own wedding agency was only a question of time.

What was your motivation or inspiration to open a bridal store?

I want to help finding my brides their dream bridal dress and to create the time in my store as an event they do not forget!

Tell us about your store style?

We have a real personal style. It looks a little bit like you are in a living room and you can spend your best time with friends and family in our store.

Tell us about your team

It’s me and two other beautiful girls. Both of them were my planning brides. Meanwhile it’s like a small family.

What sets you apart from other retailers?

We are small store with lots of dresses and our brides are alone in our store. We have only one appointment at the same time so that we can put all our energy in finding her dress!

What is your ethos?

We love our brides and serve them a happy time!

When is your store open?

Wednesday 12 - 16 | Thursday and Friday 12 – 18 | Saturday from 10 – 14 and always on appointment.

What can a bride expect from an appointment with you?

She will be alone with us and she gets our whole attention and service

What are your plans for the future?

To make more brides happy ;)

Brides and You:


Share a special moment that occurred between you and a bride?

The moment my bride says YES to her dress!

Are there any shapes that you recommend that will suit all brides?

No, because each bride is special


Do you know what will suit a bride the moment you see her?

Most of the time, yes.

Is there a particular style that is always popular?

Our brides love the classic lines and sometimes the special ones ;)

Do your brides stick to traditional white/ivory or are more of your brides trying coloured gowns?

That’s different. But most of them stick the traditional ivory bridal dress but some are always a little bit more brave and choose the coloured gowns.

What do you feel today's bride wants to be?

They want to be special, different, sexy – but also traditional. It’s a mix!

Do you have any advice for a bride to be who is just about to start shopping for her dream dress?

Don’t be fixated on dresses you have seen on Pinterest or what else. Feel free – so you find your dress much easier

What are your top tips for a bride trying to find her dream dress?

Try dresses, try shapes – but stay yourself!

Working with Romantica:


How long have you been working with Romantica?

1 year

What do you like about the brand?

The dresses, the flexibility and my contact person.

What do you enjoy about working with Romantica?

The dresses, the flexibility and my contact person.

What do you like about the Romantica gowns?

They are diverse.

Do you have a favourite shape gown?

I love all shapes because each of them has its right to exist.

Do you have a favourite Romantica dress?

Yes, Kendall!

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