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This month we have chosen Celebration Services as our Romantica stockist of the month. Find out more about them below.....

About You:


Store Name: Celebration Services

Contact Name: Dawn Rice

Store Address: 50 Singer Way Kempston Bedford Mk42 7AF

Store Telephone Number: 01234 841898

Store Email Address: services@celebrationservices.co.uk


Why did you choose bridal?

We started making wedding and celebration cakes for brides and when they came in to choose their cake, they all would ask us where they could get their wedding dresses, so from there we expanded in to bridal and have never looked back.

How did you get started in the bridal industry?

Bridal really choose us, as our business grow and grow, and we wanted to give the bride and her party the best service we could.

What was your motivation or inspiration to open a bridal store?

To help brides find the gown, they have always dreamed of and be part of the wonderful experience of fulfilling their dream.

Tell us about your store style?

We are very lucky , we have a beautiful environment, with a spacious lounge area for the bride and her party to sit and relax and enjoy refreshments, while we chat and find out what the bride wants for her wedding day, then we go through to our dress room, where they can have fun choosing the gowns to try on, then through to our large fitting rooms, where they can have a one to one with one of our very experienced consultants, we are very lucky to be able to offer disabled access and have free parking right outside the store.

Tell us about your team

We have two wonderful, very experienced consultants, who have been with us for over 35 years, and a very talented seamstress, who has worked with in our store for over 20 years, which we are so lucky to offer this services, as a lot of store dont now.

What sets you apart from other retailers?

With over 35 years in the bridal trade, we are a very caring team and listen to what the bride and her party want, and offer her advise.

What is your ethos?

We just love to make the brides happy and help make their dreams come true, there is no better feeling than knowing you had part in making happen.


When is your store open?

Monday-Thursday 10.00 am – 4.30 pm, Friday- Saturday 10.00 am – 4.00 pm.

Do you need to book an appointment?

During the week an appointment is not needed, but we do like our brides to make one on a Saturday, so we know who is coming in, and can spend quality time with them, but we will not turn brides away.

What can a bride expect from an appointment with you?

Each bride has her own consultant, who will look after her needs and help her find the ONE.

What are your plans for the future?

To carry on as we have been doing and helping all our brides make their dream come true.

Brides and You:


Share a special moment that occurred between you and a bride?

As every bride has been a special moment, we cant pick just one, we are just so lucky to be part of them choosing the dream dress and helping them on their journey to the wedding day.

Are there any shapes that you recommend that will suit all brides?

As each bride is very individual, you need to offer all the different styles and sizes.

Do you know what will suit a bride the moment you see her?

Yes with so many years of experience between us, we know straight away, but we always listen to want the bride wants, then can help advise her.

Is there a particular style that is always popular?

For us, we find the A-Line is the most popular style.

Do your brides stick to traditional white/ivory or are more of your brides trying coloured gowns?

On the whole our brides stick to traditional ivory and sometimes white.

What do you feel today's bride wants to be?

They want to look the best they ever been, traditional with a modern twist.

Do you have any advice for a bride to be who is just about to start shopping for her dream dress?

Come on very opened minded, because nine out of ten, they will buy something completely different to what they had in mind, and take the advise of your consultant, as they know their job.

What are your top tips for a bride trying to find her dream dress?

Try different styles on, dont just keep to one shape, because that dress they say YES to, is normally something they wouldn't have chosen.

Working with Romantica:


How long have you been working with Romantica?

We first met Mike and Sally at a wedding show and Mike was carrying their baby girl in, and we have dealt with them ever since.

What do you like about the brand?

They are a wonderful, very good quality British brand who make lovely gowns for the traditional to modern bride to be, and we are very lucky to stock them.

What do you enjoy about working with Romantica?

They are very helpful and friendly brand, nothing is to much trouble and we are so lucky to have a great rep, called Neil, who knows his job.

What do you like about the Romantica gowns?

We just love the diversity of their gowns, a dress for all brides, from the very modern to the traditional.

Do you have a favourite shape gown?

Every bride is unique, so is every shape, we just love them all.

Do you have a favourite Romantica dress?

Our favourite dresses at the moment are Hannah and Racheal, just loving them.

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