Romantica Stockist of The Month - Barn Bridal Boutique By Hayley - 12.04.2018


This month we have chosen Barn Bridal Boutique as our Romantica stockist of the month. Find out more about them below.....

About You:


Store Name: Barn Bridal Boutique

Contact Name: Jane Meyer-Hek

Store Address: Boars Tye Barn, Boars Tye Road, Silver End, Essex, CM8 3QA.

Store Telephone Number: 07595 359277

Store Email Address: jane@barnbridal.co.uk

Website Address:www.barnbridal.com

Why did you choose bridal?

It was my childhood dream to own a bridal shop.

How did you get started in the bridal industry?

My sister-in-law and her twin sister own a bridal shop in Yorkshire, so they helped me to get started.

What was your motivation or inspiration to open a bridal store?

My motivation was always there because it was my dream, but a couple of things happened that really spurred me on. A friend of mine who is a size 20, had been to a wedding dress shop and they had nothing in her size, so they asked her size 10 friend to try on the dresses whilst my friend watched and had to imagine what they would look like on her. As you can imagine my friend was mortified, this is when I thought I would love to own a bridal shop and make sure all of my brides including the plus size brides had a wonderful, happy memory of the day they said yes to the dress!

Then one day my sister-in-law came to visit my barn and she said WOW, this would make the most stunning bridal shop, I don’t think she ever thought I’d do it, so she was very shocked when I said here are the plans for the shop and they’ve been agreed lol.

Tell us about your store style?

I’m very proud of the style of my store, it is very glamorous but at the same time it has a lovely relaxed, friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Tell us about your team

It’s just me at the shop but I often team up with my sister, sister-in-law and husband when buying, as it’s great to have three more opinions. We take time to study not just the look of the dress, but how it flatters the body and how well the dress is made.

What sets you apart from other retailers?

Stunning dresses and great customer service. When a bride comes to me, my aim is for her to feel that the experience of buying her dress is as special and memorable as her wedding day. I allow three hours per appointment with exclusive use of my boutique, there is no limit to the amount of dresses she can try on, all of the dresses have been handpicked for the exquisite fit and feel. I want her to try on dresses and then eventually feel 100% confident that she has found the ‘one’, feeling so amazing she can’t wait to wear it, so often I hear I just don’t want to take it off!!

When is your store open?

Every day, except Sundays.

Are you appointment only?


What can a bride expect from an appointment with you?

A relaxed, fun experience of trying on the most flattering dresses she has ever worn.

What are your plans for the future?

We are having a big extension and more than doubling the size of the shop, so watch this space!!

Brides and You:


Share a special moment that occurred between you and a bride?

I had a bride in who had sadly, recently lost her mum. She tried on no less than twelve dresses before she felt 100% sure that she had found the ‘One’, she then explained to me that she had brought with her, her mum's veil that was thirty years old and she would ideally like to wear it. I warned her that the veil most probably won’t match but we could try to do something with it. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we put the veil on, as you probably know there are hundreds of different laces but to our astonishment it was exactly the same lace. When it was placed over the train of her dress it laid perfectly, exactly the same length as the dress, as you can imagine there wasn’t a dry eye in the shop!!

Are there any shapes that you recommend that will suit all brides?

A line will flatter most shapes and sizes.

- -

Do you know what will suit a bride the moment you see her?

The moment I see a bride I can often see her in a particular dress but I won’t tell her which one, as I don’t want to influence her decision but nine times out of ten I’m right! I have even written down a dress on a secret price of paper and then shown the bride at the end!

Is there a particular style that is always popular?

Yes, you get dresses that are so flattering that everyone loves them!

Do your brides stick to traditional white/ivory or are more of your brides trying coloured gowns?

More and more are going for blush and champagne but still the majority will go for ivory.

What do you feel today's bride wants to be?

The best she’s ever looked, WOW but still comfortable that she can enjoy her day.

Do you have any advice for a bride to be who is just about to start shopping for her dream dress?

Don’t have a set idea of what you want because 90% of brides go for something they would have never thought they would. Try on lots of different styles and don’t bring too many people with you, because lots of different opinions can be stressful. Just take a a couple of people who you really trust to know what will suit you and understand your taste.

What are your top tips for a bride trying to find her dream dress?

Come to me!!!

Working with Romantica:


How long have you been working with Romantica?

Since I first opened, over two years ago.

What do you like about the brand?

The dresses are stunning, beautifully made and have the most amazing flattering fit!

What do you enjoy about working with Romantica?

They are the friendliest lovely bunch and nothing’s ever too much trouble.

What do you like about the Romantica gowns?

Gorgeous style, beautifully made with a fantastic fit and feel.

Do you have a favourite shape gown?

A line suits everyone, but it really does depend on the brides shape.

Do you have a favourite Romantica dress?

The dress I love from the new collection is Rachel but from the last collection it would be Priscilla.

- -

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