Real Romantica Love Stories: Joanne By Sophie Cooper - 21.02.2024



From the first glance to the walk down the aisle, every love story is a unique tapestry of moments that deserve to be told and celebrated. In the spirit of love, we're calling on you, our cherished Romantica brides, to share your love story.

From a fairy-tale proposal to choosing the Amberlee dress for its unique, princess-like elegance, Joanne shares the enchanting details of her wedding journey, complete with laughter, love, and a stepdaughter's sweet approval, ensuring every moment was as magical as a Disney story brought to life.


If your proposal had a tagline, what would it be?

Your First Love Does Sometimes Become Your Forever Love

Which Romantica dress did you choose and why was it "THE" dress?

My dream dress was the Amberlee dress. The fully beaded bodice was like nothing i'd seen or tried on before and it just really stood out to me. Amberlee also has a beautiful glitter skirt with gorgeous button detail all down the train, and although it gave a full princess gown look was light and floated. All our guests commented, and still do, how perfectly suited my dress was for me and my gorgeous 7year old step daughter, Alice, also said in her wedding speech that I looked just like a Disney Princess… I mean what more do you want in response to your wedding dress!!


If your wedding day had an outtake reel, what would be the funniest moment captured?

Probably me, in my wedding dress, (and many other wedding guests!) riding around on a child's hobbyhorse that featured as part of the Best Man's Speech! .... Or My husband having to run home for the rings he'd forgotten! Thankfully we only live 5 mins from the church!


Looking back, what's the one thing you'd tell yourself on the morning of your wedding day?



If you could give our brides-to-be one piece of advice based on your experience, what would it be?

You are going to LOVE every second of your day... make sure to take a step back with your new Husband/Wife and take it all in!! Also make sure your wedding day is about you and your partner!


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