Real Romantica Love Stories: Geraldine By Sophie Cooper - 12.02.2024



From the first glance to the walk down the aisle, every love story is a unique tapestry of moments that deserve to be told and celebrated. In the spirit of love, we're calling on you, our cherished Romantica brides, to share your love story.

Today we share Geraldine's story. From her journey to finding "THE" dress, to cherished wedding day memories, laughter-filled speeches and some sage advice for future brides!


If your proposal had a tagline, what would it be?

“The Expected Proposal was so Beautifully Unexpected”

Which Romantica dress did you choose and why was it "THE" dress?

“My wedding dress was Jordyn and was on the sale rail at an award-winning Wedding Boutique. I didn’t buy it for that reason I saw it online and loved the styling of it. It created the impact that I wished for. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one and didn’t try on anymore. It also just zipped up the back so was super easy to get on the morning of the wedding.”


If your wedding day had an outtake reel, what would be the funniest moment captured?

“Probably the bests man’s speech. He really captured everything from funny anecdotes, to in jokes and a couple of dodgy stories too! My husband and him have been friends for a long time and there is a lot of love between them and that really showed in his speech.”


Looking back, what's the one thing you'd tell yourself on the morning of your wedding day?

“By the morning of the wedding I was very much what will be, will be. We had done everything we possibly could beforehand to make the day perfect. By the morning I just thought we can’t do any more so take it all in and enjoy the day.”


If you could give our brides-to-be one piece of advice based on your experience, what would it be?

“You will feel like you are in a bubble at your own wedding. But just enjoy the day as much as possible. Spend some time alone with your new husband to soak it all up. Remember to eat, that’s very important. We also didn’t drink very much. We wanted to savour the day as much as possible and you can get drunk anytime. Then when everyone had gone to bed, we had a glass of champagne with some good friends and chilled and relaxed before bed. A perfect end to a perfect day.”


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