On Trend Plunge Necklines By Hayley - 05.06.2017


Take the plunge with 2017's sexiest bridal trend. Deep V plunge necklines have taken the bridal world by storm this year, adding the wow factor to traditional silhouettes. The look demands body confidence, with some necklines plummeting as far as the midriff. However if a more subtle plunge neckline is what you are looking for, fear not as there are plenty of more demure styles. A lot of styles have a more delicate plunge neckline or they have included illusion fabric to soften the look for more modest brides.

Here are just a few of our Romantica and Opulence Bridal styles that have the on trend plunge neckline.

Illusion Plunge Necklines

Sitka, Decorah, Brisbane and Chicago.

Decadent Plunge Necklines

Verity, Joyce, Annalise, Glamis, Astoria and Abilene.

Soft Plunge Necklines

Lisheen, Dunluce, Palma and Avoca.

As you can see you don't have to have a full plunge neckline to your midriff to follow this glamorous trend. There are lots of styles that have an illusion panel, to give you a more subtle plunge neckline and a variety of styles that just have a soft plunge neckline. This is a very feminine trend and with the right plunge neckline you can create a sophisticated and glamorous bridal look.

Take a closer look at all of these beautiful styles here: https://romanticaofdevon.co.uk/collections .

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