Can wedding dresses have pockets? By Sophie Cooper - 28.06.2024



Absolutely! Our modern brides look for functionality, and here we are to answer – yes.

Its no secret that clothes made for women rarely include pockets, or if they do, they’re so small you might just about be able to pop a lip balm inside - but that's it. Imagine the convenience, carrying essentials like lip balm, tissues, or even your phone without an extra bag. Plus, when showing off your beautiful dress to your guests, you can shout "Thanks, it has pockets!" with reckless abandon – our dreams really do come true!

Our designers are all about blending style with practicality, and now pockets have been worked into many of our fabulous styles. From classic ball gowns to whimsical boho, pockets are seamlessly designed into your gown to take away nothing from the elegance.

Why pockets?


Say goodbye to the clutch or asking someone to hold your stuff; with pockets, all of your essentials are right in your hand. Much more functionality meets practicality in bridal fashion.


There's nothing more modern than a contemporary twist on a classic design. Pockets will revolutionise bridal fashion for the better.

Designed with pocketed functionality and style, our dresses will have you feeling fabulous – and relaxed – on your special day.

Some of our favourite gowns with pockets...






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