Behind the Scenes at our A/W Romantica Photoshoot By Hayley - 26.04.2017


A collection photoshoot is always an exciting time. Our design team have spent months designing the range, put it through production and now it's our chance to style the looks and show the world what exciting dresses are coming soon. A photoshoot is planned weeks in advance, to take into account: production, work schedules and team deadlines. Our photographer Simon Powell had been in discussion about the photoshoots before Christmas, making sure everything was in place for the day.

Simon Powell: http://www.simonpowell.net/

It was also important for him to have a feel for the look we were trying to create. Having worked with the company for many years, Simon can help with visualising a photoshoot and making sure what is created is perfect for the brand.


For Romantica we had one of our favourite models on board. Annie has worked with us for awhile now, her style and grace is perfect for our collection and she is a joy to work with. You might recognise her from our Tarr Steps photoshoot.

Romantica Collections: http://romanticaofdevon.co.uk/collections/romantica

More About The Brand:

Romantica is a family owned and run British business, with over 30 years experience. Through the eyes and drive of talented designer Sally Waddington, we know honesty, integrity and family values are an integral part of our design process, along with our commitment to quality. Our dedicated and talented design team, ensure that every design is produced to an exceptional standard. Each bridal gown is a statement of style, personality and above all romance. Every bride deserves to feel exquisitely beautiful on their wedding day and that's always our final goal, to design a wedding dress that reflects you and is everything you wished for and more.

Make-up and hair styling was provided by Sophie Moore, she arrived at the studio bright and early, to talk through the looks with the design team.

The day of the photoshoot:

Everyone was keen to get started... Once the photographer, model, make up / hairstylist arrived the day could get underway. Simon began the day by setting up the studio space with lighting equipment, staging and preparing the space for the day ahead.

Sophie set up her make-up and hair studio downstairs and Annie, was ready to begin the make up process. The design team had already prepared the collection and had it ready and waiting by the studio space. This gave them opportunity to spend more time with the photographer and Sophie to talk through the collection look.

Sophie Moore Makeup: https://www.sophiemoore.co.uk/

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Behind The Scenes

Once make up and hair was done, everyone moved through to the studio space to start shooting. Annie was dressed in the first gown and the design team picked key jewellery to match. Simon took a few test shots to check the lighting and to make sure the detail on the gown was crisp. Once this was done, we were ready to go!

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Closer Look:

Sophie Moore make up artist and hairstylist:

'For the makeup I wanted to create a dewy fresh look, so I concentrated on glowing skin and defining Annie’s natural features using soft pink and champagne tones. I varied the hair with four different looks keeping some elements the same as to fit with the Romantica collection.'

We wanted to create a classic bridal look for Romantica that also had a modern twist. The use of soft pink and champagne tones created a timeless English rose look with shades that are right on trend for the season.

Sophie created four different bridal looks for the Romantica photoshoot. Each style worked perfectly to create a classic bridal style, while also showing brides the variety of styles that they could try for their special day. Each and every style also complimented the season and the trending styles across bridal.

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Low Bun Bridal Look

'Look one, the Low bun I prepped the hair by tonging it into curls and texturising with some salt spray to hold, then i tied Annie’s hair into a ponytail and twisted it round into a loose bun at the back i also pulled the hair out at the roots adding height and texture to the look.'

- -

Half Up – Tousled Bridal Look

'Look two, half up: following on from look one I curled the hair using the wand, back coming the roots as you go to add height to the hair, I then pinned sections of the hair in crisscross pattern at the back leaving the bottom section down which worked well for the strapless and backless dresses.'

- -

Sleek Rolled Up Bridal Look

'Look three, the rolled up do: for this look I again curled the hair this time rolling the back section and bringing the front sections of hair round and adding another roll above to create an elegant textured look.'

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Curled Tousled Bridal Updo

'Look four, curled ballet bun: for this look I curled the hair from the root with a thinner wand to create more texture on top, I sectioned the hair from ear to ear and tied the hair into a high ballet bun at the back, then loosing pinning the curls back into the bun.'

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Make Up:

-MAC: http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/
-Charlotte Tilbury: http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/
-Smashbox: http://www.smashbox.co.uk/
-Laura Mercier: http://www.lauramercier.com/


-Abrazi: http://abrazi.com/nl/home/

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